The App That Helps People Get Cabs.

Hailing a cab no longer requires arm flailing, suffering through “higher than normal call volumes” or an act of divine intervention. FastCab connects you directly to drivers, for a simpler, less-stressful travel experience.

Here's How It Works:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
  • iphone_step1

    “I Need A Cab”

    Download the app for your iPhone or Android from the appropriate App Store. You can try the app three times before having to register, so all you have to do is request a cab, and enter desired pick up location, along with additional details. You can also offer a financial incentive for those times when taxi competition is stiff, say post hockey game.

  • iphone_step2

    “I’m Selecting A Cab”

    Blammo, a list of FastCab drivers and their rating will appear. The rating lets you know how other FastCab users found their experience with that particular driver. All you have to do is accept a driver, and then bask in your own technological prowess.

  • iphone_step3

    “I'm Calmly Waiting For My Cab To Arrive”

    This is the point in the process where you watch a real-time, GPS enabled map of your cab approaching while your less technologically-aware counterparts shout expletives at dispatchers, flail their arms, or god forbid show a little leg.

  • iphone_step4

    “What A Pleasant Cab Hailing Experience”

    Now that you’ve experienced first hand the magic that is FastCab, you can rate your driver, and also broadcast via twitter, email, or Facebook how enjoyable the FastCab process really was. You can also feel free to threaten bodily harm if friends and family don’t download and start using it immediately.
    (Not a mandatory.) (Just saying.)


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